eBooks and White Paper Development Services

eBooks and White Paper Development

Long form content that brings you leads

eBooks are defined as book-length publications in digital format. Most content published today is published in short “digestible” lengths, and shared on your website and social channels. This short content is great for product/service descriptions and introducing your brand to consumers. While your short form content does a great job of qualifying the user and introducing them to your brand, interested customers often look for more information from your brand.

More information could come in the form of product brochures, sell sheets, and other sales collateral to educate customers about your product/service offering. But often, consumers are interested in insider information; industry tips, tricks, and buying guides to assist with their selection and purchase process. These insider tips are things your staff possesses, and when transformed into a downloadable eBook or educational white paper this could be the one piece of content that attracts a long-term customer.

eBooks tell your brand story

eBooks are great pieces of content that allow you to tell your story. Whether you want to tell the story of your brand or a particular product line, eBooks provide you with that venue. Our team of content creators and copywriters will take this history of your brand/product/service and create an engaging eBook that will effectively tell your story to new customers/clients.

How White Papers bring you leads

White Papers are long form content, best used to provide industry specific information; helpful tips and information benefiting interested customers during their purchase. These customers looking for industry information are willing to provide contact information for this information, typically in the form of name, email, and/or phone number. But the content needs to be crafted in a manner that showcases enough value that the interested customer will be willing to share their contact information. Our team of content creators and copywriters are experts in providing an effective free vs. “contact required” ratio to lead interested customers into providing contact information.

Our team of content creators and copywriters will be able to turn your insider information into a compelling eBook or informative White Paper that will attract leads and provide you a steady stream of interested customers. Call us today for a free consultation or receive a free website analysis.