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It is easier than ever for businesses to tell their story to consumers. The Internet has introduced the opportunity for all businesses to become their own media company. Communicating your message on the web is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ but is required in order to reach consumers.

While publishing content is easier than ever, consumers are also inundated with increasing volumes of interruptions, so having your content stand out from the noise is a substantial challenge, and one that requires a skilled team of content creators.

Copywriting: The Web Talent Marketing way…

Web Talent Marketing is committed to creating content that connects you with your target audience, making them want to share and engage with your content. With experience developing content in a variety of verticals, Web Talent’s team of copywriters will develop content that introduces your target audience to your brand, develops thought leadership, and builds a community of engaged readers.

Our team of content creators will develop concepts, strategize development of your content, and establish a strong editorial calendar to keep engaging content flowing.

We get your content in front of the right audience!

But content is only good if it is shared and distributed. Our content developers will work with our strategists, to develop a content distribution strategy that communicates your message to your target audience. We utilize various promotional mediums including our network of high-authority sites, social media, journalism outreach, blogger outreach, and good old-fashioned human-to-human interaction to communicate your message to your target audience.

Our content creation process:

  • It all starts with a strong framework. We will use a discovery phase to educate ourselves on your business, market, and target audience.
  • We then generate an editorial calendar to identify how much content should be developed, and how often new content should be published. Our team of strategists will then develop a content distribution strategy.
  • Our team of content generators and copywriters will generate your content.
  • We will work with our search team to initiate the content distribution strategy and promote your content.

Our team of content creators have experience in a variety of industries and verticals, but most of all, love to create and tell great stories. Contact us today for a free consultation and proposal.