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There are many ways to drive visitors and prospects to your website. An effective and affordable method is to utilize Search Engine Optimization techniques when writing your copy. Just as treasure hunters use clues on a map to piece together relevant information to solve a puzzle, search engines use pieces of written copy from your website to decipher your site’s relevancy and importance (and thus determine the ever important page rank for your site.) Smart business owners know that by utilizing SEO copywriting services, they can organically enhance their site’s ranking by including well-written, original content that makes search engines happy.

The professional copywriters at Web Talent Marketing have the skills and experience to optimize your site and maximize your rankings through a variety of means. First our analysts work with you to determine significant keywords for your business or industry. Then our expert wordsmiths take those golden words and weave them throughout the copy with SEO techniques that appeal the search engines.

SEO Copywriting that converts visitors to sales

Our copywriters never forget the human element. When we write the copy for your site, we always keep search engine optimization in mind, but never at the price of hard to read copy that is so keyword-rich it cannot be read. You’ve probably seen websites where the copy is poorly written, reads badly or just doesn’t make sense. The most likely cause is that the emphasis was placed on SEO techniques at the expense of those who need to read the information.

At Web Talent Marketing, we pride ourselves in melding technological savvy with client consideration and care. This means you’ll always get engaging, readable copy designed for human enjoyment first, and crawlers, spiders and algorithms second. While it may indeed seem that machines are taking over the world one byte at a time, at Web Talent Marketing, we believe the dog should wag the tail, and not the other way around.