Data Feed Management Services


It’s dog-eat-dog in the e-commerce industry.

To stay ahead of the pack potential customers need to be able to see your product side by side with your competitors.

We provide a competitive data feed management service to get your product on the right Comparison Shopping Engine for your niche and start bringing in online revenue.

How do Comparison Shopping Engines work?

Every e-commerce website has the ability to create and export a product data file. This tells a CSE what products you have, how many are in stock, and other variable bits of information that help customers find your product. Each Comparison Shopping Engine reads that product data file and categorizes your product within their site, like aisles at the grocery store. Your product will be shown next to your closest competitors, allowing customers to directly compare product features and pricing.

Data Feed Management gets your products in highly visible places.

Some notable Comparison Shopping Engines are Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads,, and more. The pricing model varies but falls under three categories: Pay-per-click, Pay-per-Acquisition, or FREE! The e-commerce industries served vary slightly by engine, so let us help you find the best market for your product.

Comparison Shopping Engines are an affordable venue to build brand awareness and make sales based on real margins and revenue goals. Analysis and reporting is provided for each feed, and importing your products is quick, easy, and can refresh automatically. Contact us today to discuss adding data feed management services to your paid search campaigns and diversify your online marketing strategy.