Display Network Advertising Services


A picture is worth a thousand words, but it can also be worth countless dollars in e-commerce revenue.

We live in a visual society, and with increasing usage of the Internet to research companies and make purchasing decisions it is increasingly important that your brand has visual recognition on the web. Display Network advertising and highly targeted media buys can position your brand and products in front of your exact demographic. Potential customers can take immediate action, and you can determine exactly how much value each customer brings to your business to cap cost-per-conversion and optimize your ROI.

Think of the Display Network like advertising on an online billboard, except instead of driving right past, your customers click your ad and its performance is completely track-able.

Our strategy is based solely on your business goals and real margins. We want to bring you the highest valued customers at the lowest possible cost; We like to call it the “sweet spot”. Not sure where on the web your key demographic lives? Our experienced team of marketers will analyze your website, products, and demographic information to compile a highly targeted list of potential websites, or “placements”, that are best suited to display your brand.

Remarketing campaigns can give you a serious edge on your competition.

Web Talent also offers Remarketing campaign management for those brands that want an added edge on the web. Continue serving ads to people who already know and love your brand to keep them coming back for more! Remarketing campaigns can be used in addition to regular display network advertising and other paid search platforms, or as a stand-alone service to convert customers over and over again!

Our Paid Search marketing team holds Google Adwords advanced certifications. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and advanced marketing strategies. Call us today for your FREE consultation! (800) 405-2947