Phone Call Tracking Services


Call Tracking Systems That Create Efficiencies

Ever wonder exactly how wisely your advertising dollars are being spent?

Phone call tracking software banishes that question, and puts your mind at ease. No longer do you have to worry about hemorrhaging dollars on ineffective advertising campaigns. Now you can track both the costs and efficiencies of almost any advertising system (including phone calls, which before were very difficult for businesses to track.)

With the advent of phone call tracking software, businesses now can utilize innovative dynamic call tracking systems that let you assign individual phone numbers to each form of advertising. Not only does this let you learn how your prospect found you, it also lets you call track where your most profitable leads and customers come from.

Using a dynamic call tracking system, we can give you the ability to monitor incoming phone traffic from virtually any form of advertising, including yellowbook, yellow pages, TV, radio, pay-per-click, Google organic, and even business cards. Each campaign is assigned a unique phone number, and we program your website to be able to track the “referring” domain where the visitor came from, while also displaying the correlating phone number. Web Talent has partnered with the industry leader to give our customers access to the best call tracking software in the business.

Our Phone Call Tracking Software Yields Powerful Results

Phone call tracking technology is particularly valuable for service businesses who want to quickly see tangible results of their marketing efforts. For businesses that are seeking only to promote good will and brand recognition, we can help you there as well with alternative strategies. But for service-based businesses, today’s call tracking software yields extremely valuable advertising metrics – ones that are designed to produce results almost immediately (not weeks, or months from now.)

Why is it so important to have access to timely cost-benefit analytics and capabilities? Because the more quickly you can see whether a campaign is working or not, the more rapidly you can make a command decision – whether to devote more funding towards the project, or to divert your precious advertising dollars and resources to other more effective endeavors, call tracking systems give you that information.

At Web Talent Marketing, we’re leading the way in this groundbreaking call tracking technology, and we invite you to come along for the ride. Let our marketing experts show you exactly what phone call tracking systems can do for your business, and what you’ve been missing until now. Then instead of spending time wondering how well your advertising dollars are being spent, you can contemplate other, more important, things – like how to celebrate your increased profit margin.

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